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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities not only help in building a stronger bond between employees and the organization but helps heighten the morale surrounding a working cause.
They help to create a congenial and highly collaborative relationship. At B5 Plus Limited, we believe that by taking greater responsibility, we can have a positive impact on the society and environment.
Contributing to building a society with reduced environmental burden
B5 Plus Limited operates by the adage “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, rather, we borrow it from our children”. We are strongly aware of the fact that the sustainability of manpower and the environment affects the sustainability of a business.
One of our major strategies is to always preserve the resources and natures of our environment.
In support of this, our employees understand the significance of maintaining the environment via techniques such as judicial usage of water resources, disposal of toxic waste systematically and the reuse of scrap materials.

Our Philosophy:

“To give back to society generously by creating ample opportunities for everyone”
There is a direct relationship between the sustainability of business and the development of the society and environment. At B5 Plus Limited, we are committed to giving back to society, in order to reciprocate all the care, love, support and encouragement that we have gotten.

To Give Back To The Society Generously By Creating Ample Opportunities For Everyone.

At B5 Plus, we have a philosophy to give back to society generously by creating ample opportunities for everyone. We are committed to reciprocating all the care, support and encouragement we have received.
We understand the relationship between the sustainability of business well-being and the development of society, and we strive to create a future with balanced resources.

Care Foundation

Our Charity Foundation “B5 Plus Care Foundation” Takes Care Of Underprivileged Children In Ghana By Providing Them With Basic Needs, Including Free Education And Basic Medical Care.
B5 Plus Care Foundation Organizes A Blood Donation Camp And A Free Health Check-Up Campaign Every Year.

Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities Not Only Help Build A Stronger Bond Between Employees And The Organisation, But Also Heighten Their Morale. They Create A Congenial Relationship With The Local Community When Structured The Right Way.
Corporate Sustainability Activities Involve Creating A Positive Impact On Our Environment And Society By Employing Fresh Perspectives And Approaches.

Blood Donation Camp

B5 Plus Limited has organised a blood donation camp that encouraged people to donate blood to help save the lives of patients having a shortage of blood.
During the successful blood donation exercise, suitable, qualified and safe blood donors from all walks of life were able to participate voluntarily.
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