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The Following Are Some Of The Popular Questions Asked By Our Customers And Clients

Which Are The Business Areas Of B5 Plus Limited?

Business Areas of B5 Plus Ltd includes Trading, Manufacturing and Supply of Construction / Building Materials.
Mild Steel, Iron Rods, Galvanized Products, Stainless Steel Products, Marin & Mining, Nails & Roofing Fencing. PEB (PRE ENGINEERED BUILDINGS & STRUCTURES), Trailers & Tankers. Also we are providing services like EPC (ENGINEERING PROCUREMENT CONSTRUCTION) and PEB Erections. We can procure and smoothly fulfill demand of any iron and steel products made by our customers.
Mild Steel is common steel that is mainly used for fabrication or small projects. Wherever high tensile steel higher strength then the mild steel because of its high tensile carbon content.
Yes, We do have it.
Yes. We are exempted from it.
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