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About Us

The Well-established Iron And Steel Company

Founded in 2002, by CEO Mukesh V. Thakwani, B5 Plus Limited has its headquarters in Ghana, with a conglomerate of business operations spread across different countries in West Africa.
B5 Plus Limited manufactures and trades in well-finished iron and steel products which are known for their high quality. The unbeatable spirit of this iron and steel company stays alive by the relentless efforts of our employees under the astute guidance of the CEO who has been steering this company on the path of excellence since its inception.

Mission | Vision | Values

B5 Plus Is Committed To Delivering The Highest Of Quality Products And Services.

Our Mission

With a solid regional focus, we are committed to providing excellence to our clients in all endeavours. We offer tailored structural solutions from steel, iron, and pre-engineered structures to other materials in general construction. Our dedicated approach delivers unique value, development, opportunities, customer satisfaction , and mutually beneficial relations.

Our Vision

B5 Plus has a vision of evolving into a totally integrated steel company by committing to achieving the highest standards of quality through cutting-edge technology. We aim to be Africa’s steel benchmark through the provision of excellence, innovative approach and overall conduct. Our company’s vision is reflected in our performance, social responsibility, continuous improvement, openness and transparency.

Our Value

At B5 Plus, we believe that putting our values into practice creates long-term benefits for our customers, employees, suppliers and the communities we serve. We are guided by trustworthy values that describe our work ethic. These values are evident in all our decisions and actions.


Reason for Choosing Us

Customer Satisfaction

With a solid regional focus, we are committed to providing excellence to our clients in their endeavours.We offer tailored structural solutions from steel to other materials in general construction.

Our Profile

At B5 Plus Limited, every person matters. We believe in the passion, growth and dedication of each employee.


We have a work culture guided by high behavioural standards. In all aspects of our actions and businesses, we are honest, fair, reliable and trustworthy.


Safety is our chosen lifestyle, and we embrace it as an obligation. We are committed to the well-being and self-preservation of every employee.


B5 Plus is led by individuals with sound business management and great stewardship.Safety is a function of our daily activities, and we strive to uphold personal awareness to the highest degree of excellence.

Our Employees

One of the most important pillars of our company is our employees. Our employees are adequately trained so that all processes are carried out with efficiency. They are equipped with the right skills, knowledge and technologies to deliver top results for customer satisfaction.
Development Plan
Quality Service

Women Empowerment

B5 Plus Limited is focused on improving diversity, both within and outside its walls. It exhibits a strong passion for gender equality and empowerment of women by creating different opportunities for equal representation across different business sectors.

Culture & History

Founded In 2002, B5 Plus Limited Trades In Well-Finished Iron And Steel Products Of Trusted Quality.
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