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Creating 15,000 jobs for Ghanians

The Chief Executive Officer, Mukesh Thakwani, B5 Plus Limited, the leading steel manufacturing company in Ghana has created about 15,000 directly and indirectly jobs for Ghanaians. These jobs created by the company have made a huge impact on the Ghanaian economy.

Mukesh Thakwani stated that the company have trained 200 personnel into their fabrication department and the company is able to provide assistance to the mining sector, oil and gas and even the fabrication sectors of the country. He also called for the excessive promotion of originally Ghanaian made products in the country.

According to the astute businessman, the promotion of products made in Ghana will help in stimulating the country’s economy and make living less stressful for Ghanaians. He opined that government should invest in Ghanaian businesses to help in the production of made in Ghana goods which will also have a positive impact on the economy through exportation.

For made-in Ghana products to have a higher purchase on the market, Mr. Thakwani believes the Ghana Standard Authority, Food and Drugs Authority and the various bodies must ensure that there is no cheaper product on the market to sustain industries in the country. He also pleaded with government to help in ensuring free movement of goods across Ecowas countries.

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